The Three Jewels – An Introduction to Buddhism

Current Theme for Sangha Night three_jewels_12
from Tuesday July 3rd  
96 Halifax Street, Adelaide

The Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha are called the Three Jewels because they represent the highest spiritual values in Buddhism. The Buddha represents the Ideal of Enlightenment, the Dharma is the teachings and practices that lead us towards it and the Sangha is the community of friends, teachers and inspirational figures from Buddhist history who offer us support and guidance as we journey along together.

Over the course of ten weeks we will explore what it means to turn our hearts and minds towards these ideals opening up new possibilities for development, evolution, and progress.

Our founder Sangharakshita said that there are ‘no higher teachings, just deeper understandings’, so there is value even for experienced practitioners in reexamining how our commitment to these ideals plays out in our daily lives, but this Tuesday night theme is also an ideal opportunity for newcomers to Buddhism to join us in exploring these values.

Start time is 6.45pm every Tuesday evening at 96 Halifax St in the city with meditation practice (with or without guidance) in the first half of the evening and then talks and discussion in the second half, finishing at 9pm. All welcome.