Order members connected with Adelaide Triratna:

Ratnadaka helping on a camp

Ratnadaka first encountered meditation and Buddhism as a student in Manchester in 1990, and spent the next decade living in Buddhist communities and working for Buddhist projects in the UK.

In 1996 he was ordained into the Triratna Order on a four-month retreat and was given his Buddhist name which means “Jewel-like Sky Dweller”. He later trained as a Clinical Psychologist and has lived in Adelaide since 2008.

10606265_10152753026763982_7684755564641029161_nSaddhavijaya was given his name  by his preceptor Devamitra in 2003. Saddha means confidence, trust or faith ( in Buddhist practice ) and vijaya means to conquer, to overcome. In other words to overcome ignorance or delusion in the spiritual sense through confidence in Buddhist practice. Devamitra named him this because of the determination and enthusiasm he has for practicing the Buddhist “Three Fold Way” of ethics meditation and wisdom.

He was born in South Australia  and spent his early years in rural parts, his parents being teachers. About 38 years ago he left to find work in the Eastern capitals and finally settled in Melbourne where he lived for many years. Recently he returned to Adelaide to help establish the Triratna Buddhist Community here.

He delights in the arts and cycling, swimming and hiking and so enjoys living somewhere that provides a healthy lifestyle. Above all he loves studying the Buddhist scriptures and meditation. Creating a community that is creative and positive is very important to him. He believes we are fortunate to have good conditions to actively engage in spiritual practice which is best shared with others.

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