Meditation In Adelaide

Festival Shrine

Tuesdays 6.45pm
96 Halifax Street, Adelaide

Whether you are new to meditation or want to take your practice deeper and experience the benefits of meditating with other people, our Tuesday evening classes offer great opportunities.

Each week we have a drop in class for newcomers  or those looking to re-engage with their meditation practice, as well as an opportunity for more experienced meditators to sit together.  Later in the evening, those that wish to are welcome to stay around for a friendly cuppa which is followed by an opportunity for talks and discussions aimed at bringing the Buddha’s teaching into our daily lives.

There is no fee for our Tuesday evenings, but we invite financial support through the practice of dana or generosity.

We also run introduction to meditation courses which will be advertised on this site.
You can sign up to our email list to receive news of future courses and you’re welcome to contact us with any questions.