Full Moon Puja

Full Moon PujaTuesday 29th September 6.45pm
96 Halifax Street, Adelaide 5000

One of the foremost challenges in leading a spiritual life is said to be engaging our emotions.  Its easy to decide rationally thats its good to be happy, wise and kind but other levels of our being can tend to pull us in other directions.

In Puja, we have the chance to relax our rational grip and explore an inspiring world of poetry, symbol, music and myth, bringing body speech and mind into our practice in exploring a series of spiritual emotions.

The full moon is traditionally an auspicious time to gather together and mutually honour our highest ideals and aspirations, so if you would like to join us for an evening of meditation, ritual and, of course, tea, then do please come along.

If youre not familiar with the practice of Puja but are curious to know more, be assured there is no pressure to join in or know ‘what happens next’ – all is done in call and response and you are very welcome to join in as you like, or just observe and let the experience wash over you.

Sangha in September

maxresdefault-2This week will be our last evening on our current theme exploring teachings from the Suttas. We will listen to Sangharakshita reading the Kalama Sutta, a famous text that has been described as a  call for free investigation and inquiry. In Bhante’s commentary, he makes the point “the real import of this oft-quoted but much misunderstood passage should be carefully noted”.

Join us tomorrow evening, Tuesday 22nd September, to share in the reading, a talk by Saddhavijaya and group discussion about the Buddha’s instruction to the Kalamas. We will begin, as usual, with meditation at 6.45pm (there is instruction for newcomers in the Drop-In meditation at the same time) and finish by 9.30pm.

Tuesday 29th September we will celebrate the full moon in the tradition of the Buddhist sangha with a seven-fold puja.

Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday evenings at 96 Halifax St,

Dharmamodini, Saddhavijaya, Ratnadaka