Transforming Self and World through the Month of October

Transforming Self and World
through the Month of October

The month of October is when we celebrate Dr Ambedkar, one of the greatest modern Buddhist thinkers and social activists. Outside of certain circles, little is known about this remarkable man, and yet he was the catalyst for transforming millions of lives in India, from degradation, slavery and injustice, to dignity, hope and freedom.

Tuesday 4th October we will continue our journey into the Sutra of Golden Light, learning more about how we can transform ourselves in the light of the Buddha’s teaching. The following week, 11th October, we will hear about Dr. Ambedkar who did just that, and then inspired literally hundreds of thousands of people to do the same. His inspiration lives on to this day. The photo is a gathering of over a million people, fifty years on from the man’s death, at the place in India where Dr. Ambedkar declared his allegiance to the Buddha and his teachings.


Sunday 9th October you are invited to a Spring Perma Lunch, from 12 noon through the afternoon. This is at Marion’s house and lunch will be made from the garden, so if you have food growing in your garden, bring it along and we will create a feast to nourish our precious beings. We will also exchange seeds and cuttings, so come and celebrate planet earth and her bounty and the beautiful works of art humans can make of it, when we put our hearts and minds together. Please rsvp to Marion 83528601.

Jo has invited us to share together in a night at the theatre, either Thursday or Friday 13/14th October, in support of community projects in SE Asia, South Africa and the Philippines. Please contact her direct about this 0405515530….and Ann has brought to our attention the gathering on the steps of Parliament House, Action against Nuclear Dumps, at 11am on Saturday 15th October.

All this calls for a rallying puja at full moon, when we will rejoice in the Three Jewels on Tuesday 18th October, with the Suvarnabhasottama Puja, from the beautiful verses of the Sutra of Golden Light no less!

Looking forward to sharing in sangha with you all and everyone is welcome.

Transforming Self and World

P1010011.JPGTransforming Self and World
themes from the sutra of golden light
This is our new theme for Sangha Nights, starting next Tuesday 20th September. Sangharakshita’s teaching on this sutra was originally given in a series of seminars forty years ago and published in book form twenty years hence, with the following opening sentence on the back cover. “As the earth’s resources are wasted and defiled, as the nations of the world are ravaged by war and hunger, we can afford to give way neither to cynicism nor to despair.”

With clarity and wisdom, Sangharakshita takes this ancient source of inspiration and guidance, translating the images and episodes of this beautiful but mysterious text into a commentary filled with practical insights into many increasingly urgent dilemmas we are facing in the world today. Ecology, economics, morality, politics, culture and government – in a realm of gods and goddesses, kings and dragons, the golden light of absolute reality pours forth, transforming the entire world.

At the same time, if we dream of changing the world, we must start with changing ourselves. For all those seeking to engage in transforming self and world, this text and Sangharakshita’s commentary offer hope, encouragement and a way forward. Join us on Tuesday nights (6.45pm at 96 Halifax St in the city) for some guidance and inspiration and lively sharing of thoughts and reflection. Everyone welcome.

“Welcome to Adhisthana”

This is the title of a talk to be given by Ratnadaka at Sangha Night, next Tuesday 6th September on his return from an extended visit to the UK. This included participation in Triratna’s International Convention held at Adhisthana, the home of Sangharakshita for the past three years and a place for our worldwide movement to meet, study and practise together. A wonderful opportunity to hear first-hand about latest developments in our Buddhist community around the globe and to learn a little of the Triratna vision for the future.

The evening starts with meditation at 6.45pm (including instruction for newcomers) and concludes at 9.15pm. Everyone is welcome; see you there at 96 Halifax St in the city.

A taste of living in community and ‘sangha-hopping’

Image.jpegThis will be our focus for Sangha Night next week on Tuesday 23rd August.

Jo has kindly offered to share with us some of her experiences of the past five months, living in community at Naganaga, (our women’s vihara inland from Kempsey, NSW) and visiting other Triratna practitioners and sanghas around Australia, in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Come along and hear inspiring stories from interstate of how sangha works across the country and the globe.

Everyone is welcome, with the usual start time of 6.45pm, for both the Drop-In meditation and the regular gathering.

Our Sangha in August

“Thirty Days of Silence” – This is the title of a talk Dharmamodini will give next Tuesday 2nd August at Sangha Night, sharing some of her experiences from her recent month’s solitary retreat on Kangaroo Island.

On 9th August, participants in The True Individual retreat will share with others what unfolded over the four days, and how they experienced different approaches to going deeper in our understanding of the Dharma and spiritual journeying.

The 16th August will be the date we share in a full moon puja to rejoice in the Buddha’s Awakening and keep alive the freshness and newness of our experience. To quote Sangharakshita “Everything you do is done for the first time, because both you and the situation are different. Everything is happening for the first time.”

The mystery of the second half of August will reveal itself in due course!

Everyone is welcome to join us at 96 Halifax St on Tuesday nights, commencing at 6.45pm, concluding 9.15pm. There is a Drop-In meditation available for anyone wanting instruction in meditation, no experience necessary; this also starts at 6.45pm; please arrive by 6.40pm.