Full Moon Puja and Mitra Ceremony

This will be our Sangha Night tomorrow Tuesday, 22nd March, as we rejoice in the Buddha and give thanks for his teachings under the full moon and within that, rejoice in our friend Ing becoming a mitra in the Triratna community. Ing’s close friend Nagasuri is travelling from Sydney sangha to conduct Ing’s mitra ceremony and everyone is warmly invited to come along and be a part of the celebrations.

The order of the evening is slightly different to usual, still starting promptly at 6.45pm with meditation, but then (after a five minute break) flowing straight into the puja and ceremony. There will be a delicious supper after that to round off the evening in celebratory fashion.

Introduction to Meditation Course

Six Weeks on Thursday nights, 7pm – 9.15pm
7th April – 19th May (no session on 28th April)
96 Halifax St, Adelaide

inner calmAs we enter the cooler and quieter months of the year, this may well be a good time to give yourself the gift of learning to meditate and cultivating awareness, bringing inner calm to your daily living.  Even if you know how to meditate, this six week course can renew and strengthen your practice.

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. Buddhist meditation practices are techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity and a calm seeing of the true nature of things.

By engaging with a particular meditation practice you learn the patterns and habits of your mind, and the practice offers a means to cultivate new, more positive ways of being.

We teach two meditation practices originally taught by the historical Buddha, the Mindfulness of Breathing and Loving Kindness. Join us this springtime and give yourself and others the gift of calmer, more positive states of being.

Join us on this course and surprise yourself!

Booking Essential0439 839 785

6 week course $100/$70

Autumn is on its way: What’s coming up in Adelaide Triratna in March

Tuesday 1st March Sangha Night
Prajna – Turning the Teachings into Practice
Having explored what spiritual wisdom is with Saddhavijaya, join us next Tuesday to learn a little of how to put the teachings into practice and get a taste of both living life with full attention and sailing the worldly winds.


On the 8th and 15th March we will delve into smrti, or mindfulness to conclude our current Sangha Night theme of the Five Spiritual Faculties.

Tuesday 22nd March we will rejoice in Ing, as we witness her becoming a mitra in a Sevenfold Puja, led by Nagasuri, visiting from Sydney to undertake Ing’s mitra ceremony, not to be missed.

Wednesday 23rd March will be the start of our Easter Retreat, Sailing The Worldly Winds (see separate email and webpage for more details).

Looking forward to sharing these activities and the Dharma with you as we move through the changing of the seasons.

Sailing the Worldly Winds

This is the theme of our five day residential retreat, happening over Easter, starting Wednesday evening, 23rd March 
and finishing Monday afternoon 28th March.

sailing_the_worldly_windsFive years on from its publication, the book by the same name continues to inspire and guide people from around the world in their practice of the Dharma. Described as a Buddhist way through the ups and downs of life, Vajragupta’s sharing of the Buddha’s teaching offers reflections, exercises and plentiful suggestions for living this life with a more balanced approach, how to develop a more even keel in the midst of life’s upheavals.

Join us on this retreat and not only learn how to sail and be a part of cultivating sangha, but also enjoy the wondrous bushland at Douglas Scrub, 37 hectares of native vegetation in the heart of the Fleurieu Peninsula, only 45 minutes from town (near McLaren Vale).

Further details will be available later and you can ring Dharmamodini to discuss any aspects of the retreat, but for now, we are encouraging you to get these dates in your diary and start making necessary plans and arrangements so you can commit to coming along. It is only seven weeks away!

An Evening with Vajrapani – Energy Unlimited!


This is what we are in for at Sangha Night, next Tuesday 26th January to celebrate the first full moon of 2016.

We are continuing our theme of the Five Spiritual Faculties, focusing on virya, energy in pursuit of the good, blending into sraddha, faith.

Come along and listen to a wonderfully informative and inspiring talk by Vessantara and feel the energy arising minute by minute; then let your heart/mind soar in tune with your highest spiritual aspirations, rejoicing in the Three Jewels, as we share in a puja to Vajrapani, the embodiment of virya, unlimited!

Please Note: We will be starting promptly with the talk at 6.45pm, followed by a short break, then meditation before the puja.

All welcome and looking forward to seeing you there.

The Five Spiritual Faculties

The Five Spiritual Faculties are the theme for Sangha Nights when we gather once more at 96 Halifax St from 12th January.

Sangharakshita, the founder of Triratna, encourages us to approach Buddhism as a whole, that is in a balanced manner and with the whole of our being. As he has said ‘There are many sides to human nature, emotional, intellectual, introvert, extravert and so on and these are represented in Buddhism by the five spiritual faculties. These are faith, energy, mindfulness, meditation and wisdom and these need to be balanced if we are to make progress in the spiritual life.

Join us on Tuesday nights from 6.45pm for meditation and stay on for a cuppa and the introduction to this theme and small group discussion. We conclude the evening by 9.15pm. All welcome.

Please Note: There is no Drop-In meditation in the month of January; this will resume on Tuesday 2nd February.

Spiritual Friendship

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur Sangha Night theme  for the month of December

Next Tuesday 1st December will see Akashamani launch our new theme on Tuesday nights
 through to the end of this year. Come along and listen to our Dharma sister share her experiences of spiritual friendship within Triratna for nearly 25 years!

The following three Tuesdays (8th, 15th, 22nd) other people in Adelaide Triratna will share their experiences of friendship within the sangha.

December will also see our End-of-Year Gathering taking place on Sunday 13th December, from 12 noon.
This year it will be at Verity’s home in the city, as we are combining this annual event with our fare-welling of Verity on her overseas adventures, her own personal going forth into the unknown. Bring vegan/vegetarian food to share lunch and a relaxing afternoon with friends in the Dharma.
Everyone welcome.

Sangha Day Celebrations and Mitra Ceremony

Saturday 28th November, 3.30pm
Sangha Day is celebrated around the full moon in November and is one of the major festivals in the Buddhist calendar, rejoicing in our highest ideals, the Three Jewels. We rejoice and give thanks for the spiritual community, for those who have gone before us on the spiritual path and attained Enlightenment and for those we are treading the path with now in the present, sharing our aspirations to awaken to the truth of how things really are.

This year our celebrations will take place following the culmination of the International Urban Retreat
, concluding with a workshop this same day from 10am -3pm.

Our SanghaA highlight of this year’s Sangha Day gathering will be witnessing and supporting our friend Keryn in becoming a mitra in the Triratna community. The word mitra simply means friend and taking the step to become a mitra is an expression of one’s commitment to practise the Buddha’s teachings within our spiritual community.  Akashamani, our Order sister from Pt.Fairy in Victoria, will be joining us for this special event and will lead us in the puja and mitra ceremony.

So mark this date in your diary now and be a part of our Adelaide Triratna celebrations, including meditation, a joyous Sevenfold Puja, rejoicing in Keryn’s commitment and sharing in – of course – a delicious vegan afternoon tea!

24th November is Sangha Night during the International Urban Retreat!

photo 2Last Saturday saw a number of us launch Adelaide Triratna into the International Urban Retreat, along with 45 other Triratna sanghas around the world and countless individuals participating online through thebuddhistcentre.com

Come along to Halifax St on Tuesday night (6.45pm) to share in meditation and listen to a talk by Saddhavijaya about Living in the Greater Mandala, the theme of our global efforts to practise and promote aesthetic appreciation and gratitude for all that lives.

Everyone welcome.

Adelaide Triratna takes part in the International Urban Retreat 2015

Urban RetreatSaturday 21st – Saturday 28th November
Living in the Greater Mandala is the theme of this retreat, taking place in your home, in your country, indeed anywhere in the world you may be!

The emphasis of an urban retreat is encouraging and supporting people to bring the Dharma into their daily living, relating the teachings to their everyday experience. In addition to this, it is also designed to enable people to experience themselves as part of the world-wide sangha that is Triratna.

This event is managed by the Triratna Development Team in Europe and is run online at thebuddhistcentre.com, our worldwide community across planet earth.

To take part in this retreat with the Adelaide sangha, you need to commit to coming along to two workshops on consecutive Saturdays, 21st and 28th November, from 10am – 4pm.
You also need to be committed to engaging daily through that week with whatever you have chosen for yourself as aspirations and keeping connected with other retreatants for mutual support and encouragement.

More details will follow on the program and the theme, but for now it can be summed up in a quote from Sangharakshita “The aim..is to bring an attitude of pure aesthetic appreciation to whatever circumstances that come our way.”

If you have questions or want to discuss any aspects of the retreat, you can phone Dharmamodini 0439 839 785 or Saddhavijaya 0406 070 532

To register to take part, contact Saddhavijaya:
0406 070 532 saddhavijaya@gmail.com

Please let us know asap if you are thinking of and/or going to take part in this inspiring and delightful sharing in spiritual friendship.
Participation is on the basis of dana contribution.