Radical Dharma

20180819_205334Radical Dharma
Thursday evenings
4th Oct – 29th Nov

This is an eight week course introducing you to meditation and the Buddha’s teachings.

Where does happiness really come from?
What does meditation have to do with it?
Why be ethical?
What really is karma?
What is this Buddhist Path people go on about?

Come along to this course and learn about some of the most radical and transformative aspects of the Dharma, that is, the Buddha’s teachings. Then decide for yourself, is this for you?

The course runs over eight weeks in October and November, (with a week’s break half way through), on Thursday evenings, 7-9pm, at 96 Halifax St in the city.

Booking Essential contact Dharmamodini 0439 839 785
Contribution: $160/$120

Introduction to Meditation Course

Six Weeks on Thursday nights, 7pm – 9.15pm
7th April – 19th May (no session on 28th April)
96 Halifax St, Adelaide

inner calmAs we enter the cooler and quieter months of the year, this may well be a good time to give yourself the gift of learning to meditate and cultivating awareness, bringing inner calm to your daily living.  Even if you know how to meditate, this six week course can renew and strengthen your practice.

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. Buddhist meditation practices are techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity and a calm seeing of the true nature of things.

By engaging with a particular meditation practice you learn the patterns and habits of your mind, and the practice offers a means to cultivate new, more positive ways of being.

We teach two meditation practices originally taught by the historical Buddha, the Mindfulness of Breathing and Loving Kindness. Join us this springtime and give yourself and others the gift of calmer, more positive states of being.

Join us on this course and surprise yourself!

Booking Essential0439 839 785

6 week course $100/$70

Life with Full Attention course happening again in 2016!

Monday nights, 7pm – 9.15pm
1st February – 21st March
96 Halifax St, Adelaide

unnamedThis practical course in Mindfulness will be our first course in the new year. The focus this course is how to put mindfulness into practice in the actual conditions of our day-to-day life, in such a way that it makes a difference to how you experience daily living.

The course teaches you how to pay closer attention to your experience, by introducing and exploring different aspects of mindfulness, including awareness of the body, feelings, thoughts and the environment.

Life with Full Attention provides both a starting point for anyone new to the practice of mindfulness, as well as a valuable refresher for those with some prior experience.

Cost of $200 for the eight weeks includes your own copy of the book.

Booking is essential and places are limited.

Contact Dharmamodini 0439 839 785 with any queries or to reserve a place.

“The course provided some useful and practical techniques for dealing with anxiety, expectations and judgements; and practical ways to work with overcoming negativity and generating positive states of mind.”

 ”Maitreyabandhu’s book is humbly honest, poignant and practical – it has inspired and motivated me to learn more.”