Parinirvana Day Puja

Parinirvana Day Puja

Tuesday 19th February
6.45pm at 96 Halifax St

Parinirvana Day, officially on 15th February 2019, commemorates Shakyamuni Buddha’s bodily death ‘without remainder’ and his entry into Nirvana.

The Adelaide sangha will have a Parinirvana Day puja on Tuesday 19th February. We will start at the usual time of 6.45pm, have a shorter meditation and tea break and then the puja, which will take about an hour.

As part of this ceremony, you are invited to bring photographs, drawings or objects associated with people (or other beings) dear to you who have died in the last year to place on the shrine to honour them.

All must depart — all beings that have life
Must shed their compound forms.
Yea, even one, a master such as he, a peerless being,
Powerful in wisdom, the Enlightened One, has passed away.

Transient are all compounded things,
Subject to arise and vanish;
Having come into existence they pass away;
Good is the peace when they forever cease. 

Maha-parinibbana Sutta: Last Days of the Buddha