Talk on Perfect Vision: The First Limb of the Noble Eightfold Path

The Noble Eightfold Path
Starting Tuesday 26th February
96 Halifax Street, Adelaide 5000 

Join us on Tuesday for an evening of meditation and and a talk on Perfect Vision: The First Limb of the Noble Eightfold Path.

This will begin our exploration of this foundational Buddhist teaching, which all begins with the first limb, Perfect Vision.  This is the way in which the Buddha saw the nature of reality and encouraged others to learn to see the same for themselves and to adapt their lives in response to it.

Through meditation and reflection we can learn to perceive reality directly and there are also teachings which can help us point us in the right direction and orientate our lives towards that goal, coming ever closer into harmony with the way things are.

Over the coming weeks we will explore all eight limbs of the Path, with talks by members of our sangha and visiting Order Members.

All are welcome, no previous experience is necessary.

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